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COVER PHOTO:Berthed in Falmouth. – Mike Jarrett photo

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PORT ROYAL: Potential as Caribbean’s most Famous Destination

Port Royal was once the most famous city in the Western hemisphere. And, by the late 17th Century, it had become a major centre of British commerce in the Americas. By all accounts, the value of cash and treasure, albeit ill-gotten, that flowed through the small city of Port Royal, a century before the United States of America became reality, was then above and beyond the total output of goods and services of most countries. Its ribald history and legendary infamous characters have been mirrored in 20th Century movie epics, giving Port Royal vast tourism potential. The sleepy little 17th Century town, rich in superlatives and famous beyond measure, is ready for epic development of the magnitude that could make it, once again, famous.

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Jamaica: Work in Progress on Port Royal cruise pier

The floating, motorized articulated pier purchased by the Jamaican government as part of its programme to expand cruise tourism business for Jamaica was on site in Port Royal when Portside Caribbean visited during the summer of 2019. Construction of attendant and supporting infrastructure for the January 20, 2020 arrival of the first cruise ship was in progress.

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FALMOUTH: Four-star Rating for Authenticity

Her majesty’s court in Falmouth commands the attention of disembarking passengers as they first set foot on Jamaican soil. It is one of the first official buildings in the Trelawny parish capital. Completed in 1815 and re-built after a fire in 1926, its Georgian architecture gives authenticity to Falmouth’s 18th Century history.

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Caymanas Special Economic Zone, the ‘Centrepiece’

Dubbed ‘the centrepiece’ of Jamaica’s Global Logistics Hub initiative, the Caymanas Special Economic Zone (CSEZ) is best described as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in which business production entities are housed and facilitated with space, modernised systems, skills and ready access to global supply routes.

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US Trade Sanctions: Three Panamanian Companies Blacklisted

The USA’s Treasury Department declared on September 24, 2019 that it had identified and marked four vessels that transport oil

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Technology: Hybrid-Powered Cruise Ship Crosses nw Passage

The first cruise ship in the world capable of sailing only on battery power, the hybrid-powered MS Roald Amundsen became the first such vessel to cross the Northwest Passage.

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Medical: Cruise Ships Don’t Have Hospitals

Despite the luxurious splendour and opulence, most cruise ships do not have hospitals on board and are therefore not as equipped as might be expected

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Grey Water: An Environmental Threat All On Its Own

Ballast water can be a source of immeasurable damage to an ecosystem but ‘grey water’ is not to be trifled with.

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